AAUW of Sonora

Please be safe during this time.  Monthly activities are cancelled at this time and virtual meetings are taking place.  Keep your prayers going.

AAUW California was launched in San Francisco in 1886. The Sonora Branch was chartered in 1961. We are actively seeking new members and welcome your inquiries. We present programs throughout the year addressing the issues of equity for women as well as social programs. Click on the Meetings Tab above for the schedule. There are many interest groups that meet monthly in small groups for socializing. Click on the Interest Group section for more information. Come join us.

2020/21 Executive Committee

President – Evelyn Thompson
President Elect – Leah Decker
Program Co-Vice Presidents – Vivian Griswold,  Dana Avila
Membership Vice-President – Cheryl Terry
Secretary – Melody Brotby
Finance Vice President – Serina Ortega
Membership Treasurer – Kathy Andreini

2019 Scholarship Recipients

From left to right, back row: Virginia Oellrish/Summerville High, Alexis Sibley/Columbia College, Chelsea Nogales/Sonora High. Faith Weatheral-Black/Columbia College, Jamie Hyder/Summerville High,
Left to right, front row: Alexi Saucedo/Don Pedro, Katherine Foust/Sonora High, Allison Deknoblough/Sonora High, Aracelia Friesen/Sonora Alternative Education.