AAUW of Sonora

AAUW was started in 1881 by 17 women college graduates who joined together to find greater opportunities to use their education and to open the door for other women to pursue higher education.

OUR MISSION – Gender Equity and Economic Security

We’ve led the fight for fair pay and economic opportunity for women — and the battle continues: Women still get just 82 cents for every dollar paid to a man, and men continue to dominate the top roles and highest-paying professions.

OUR VISION – Equity for all

OUR VALUES – Intersectional. Inclusive. Intergenerational. Empowering. Though we are nonpartisan, we are not values-neutral: We fight to remove the barriers and biases that stand in the way of gender equity. We train women to negotiate for pay and benefits and to pursue leadership roles. And we advocate for federal, state and local laws and policies to ensure equity and end discrimination.

OUR FOCUS – Economic Security, Education, Advocacy

Our nonpartisan, non-profit national organization has more than 170,000 members and supporters, 1,000 branches, and 800 college and university members. AAUW has branches in every congressional district, state and U.S. territory, and is providing nearly $5 million in funding to more than 260 fellows and grantees. AAUW has established a legacy of over 140 years across a range of issues that have all advanced equity for women and girls. We continue with our 2022 strategic plan focusing on moving forward, building on our work in three of our historical priority areas – economic security, education, and advocacy.